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Nutricraft ... Nutrition in Every Meal.
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On Your Family
An eight year study by Harvard University found that eating dinner as a family
at least five days a week “fostered healthy child development.” Additionally,
kids were “less likely to do drugs, or be depressed and were more motivated
at school and had better relationships.”
Another study by Louis Harris & Associates found that a consistent family meal time
four times a week was the strongest indicator of academic performance among
high school students.
On Your Family’s Health
According to, “a single meal from one of these (fast food) restaurants
often contains enough calories to satisfy a person’s caloric requirement for an
entire day.”
“Holding all else constant, one additional meal away from home each week
translates into roughly two extra pounds a year!”
On Your Family’s Budget
According to Eating Out in Australia
2017 Report, the average Australian
household spends around $4900 a
year on eating out.
Average family spends $2200 at a
fast food restaurant annually.
Eating one additional meal at home
each week saves you 134 Calories
per person per meal, two pounds
a year, and nearly $2000!
According to CBA’s 2017 data, “An
average Aussie is spending around
$90 per month on fast food, a 20
percent increase compared to two
years ago, and $143 per month on
restaurants, up 6 percent since July
Cooking At Home on a Regular Basis Can
Have a Lasting Impact
Join Us on Our Mission
Nutricraft Cooking System provides your family the tools that help make family
meal time a success.
True 7-Ply Multi Core Cookware Made in the USA with All US Components
316 Titanium Stainless Steel The World’s Only Nutri-Seal Kitchen Assistant
Industry Leading • 50 Years Transferable Warranty Recipes • Cooking Shows
Ergonomic handles
created with your comfort in
mind. Extremely durable, withstanding
up to 350 degrees, the Cool Grip design
eliminates the need for pot holders. The
slide-out ring allows for easy hanging
Engineered moisture seal locks in flavour,
nutrients, and aroma.
Helps prevent dry, tasteless food.
Improves nutritional value of your meals.
Cooks faster using less heat.
Lock-In Lid Storage
Easy-store covers are perfect
for any kitchen and every lifestyle.
Cookware easily stacks in the
cabinet in an organized way.
Plus, the self-nesting design uses
a minimal amount of space. You’ll
Cool Grip HandlesMoisture Seal
3-in-1 KITCHEN ASSISTANT : Whistle, Lock, Vent
The whistle indicates that your food has reached
the proper cooking temperature.
The vent setting allows you to release vapour
without whistling.
Choose the lock setting to lock in moisture,
nutrients, and flavour.
The Seven Layer Difference
By using advanced metal-working techniques and a 7-Ply design
on all sides, Nutricraft has layered pure aluminium and the finest
surgical stainless steel available to create cookware that
is unequalled in efficiency and durability.
1. 316Ti Surgical Steel with Titanium:
Durable, beautiful, easy to clean, chemically
2,3,4. Heat-conducting layer:
Optimum heat conductor, spreads
heat quickly and evenly
5. 304 Surgical Steel:
Bonding layer, added strength
6. Ferritic Steel:
Allows cookware to be used on induction
cooktops, retains heat
7. 304 Surgical Steel:
Durable, beautiful, easy to clean
Tight seal prevents
moisture escape.
3-in-1 Whistle, Lock, Vent
NUTRI-SEAL Kitchen Assistant
Allows for simmering with less mess and more flavour.
The 1
ever vented cover system that allows
a true semi-vacuum. Cooking in a semi-vacuum
increases the flavour, reduces energy use, and
retains more of the essential vitamins and minerals.
An engineered elliptical whistle indicates
the proper cooking temperature. Helps
ensure you prepare your vegetables in
a low heat environment protecting
essential vitamins and minerals.
Heat is distributed
evenly from all sides.
No Moisture Seal
Multi-layer bottom with single
layer sides—heat radiates
from the bottom only.
Nutricraft: Unlike All Others
Many cookware companies advertise their cookware as multi-ply
cookware. What they don’t tell you is that it is only multi-ply on
the bottom of the pan. This creates un-even heat distribution,
and the need to use excess water to cook. Nutricraft Cookware
is 7-Ply on all sides, which distributes the heat perfectly for true
waterless cooking.
Nutricraft vs. Store-Bought
Nutricraft Cookware is engineered and constructed of the finest
quality materials in the industry. We combine 316 Titanium Surgical
Stainless Steel 7-Ply full body construction, an engineered moisture
seal, a tri-vent whistle, and some of the heaviest steel cover available
to create a complete cooking system. This is not just another set of
pots and pans. Nutricraft Cookware provides excellent heat conduction,
a non-reactive surface that will not leach metals or chemicals into your
food, and a minimum-moisture method of preparation. This state-of-the-
art cooking system ensures highly nutritious foods that are flavourful
and non-toxic. In addition to maximising time, saving money, and
providing peace of mind, this high-quality cookware has 50 year
transferable warranty.
Non-surgical stainless steel cookware
Poor heat distribution
Must use oil or water
Hard to clean
Food can stick and burn
PTFE/PFOA coated cookware
Will easily scratch, chip, and flake
Environmentally unfriendly
Can leach chemicals into your food
Not recommended to use on high heat
Fumes from over heated pans can be harmful
Aluminium cookware
Very soft metal, can pit and warp
Can leach into your food when cooking
acidic foods, such as tomato sauce
Many brands are not dishwasher safe
Cast iron cookware
Surface has open pores
Grease can turn rancid and collected in pores
Susceptible to rust and corrosion
Moisture Seal
6 Quart Dutch Oven
& High Dome Cover
Multi-Purpose Rack
2 Quart Casserole/
Mini Dome Cover
Large Skillet & Cover
2 Quart Saucepan & Cover
Classic Set
Master Set
3 Quart Colander
3 Quart Saucepan & Cover
1.5 Quart Saucepan & Cover
Small Skillet & Cover
Basic Set
4 Quart Saucepan & Cover
2 Quart Saucepan
& Cover
Multi-Purpose Rack
2 Quart Casserole/
Mini Dome Cover
Large Skillet & Cover
Large Colander
8 Quart Dutch Oven
& High Dome Cover
Deluxe Set
Family Set
Square Griddle 10.5" Sauté Pan8.5" Sauté Pan
Slow Cooker
4-Quart Saucepan
not included
13.5" Sauté Pan
Nutricraft Stainless Steel Cleanser
Specially formulated for Nutricraft’s
Surgical Steel Surface.
Heat stains
Water spots
Helps keep your cookware beautiful!
3-Piece Bowl Set
5-Piece Rectangular Set 5-Piece Bakeware Set
4-Quart Saucepan with Cover 8-Quart Roaster with Cover
12-Quart Roaster
with Cover
Mini Wok with Cover Jumbo Skillet with CoverLarge Wok with Cover Round Griddle with Cover
16-Quart Roaster
with Cover
Two Stainless Steel Hammered Bowls
4 Quart & 6 Quart
Kitchen Essentials
Gourmet Accessories
*Che Set comprises a Master Set, all Kitchen Essentials and Gourmet Accessories.
You work hard to feed your family healthy meals.
Shopping for the best ingredients, limiting snacks, and
including fruits and vegetables in your diet are important
steps toward a healthy lifestyle. But did you know your
cookware can also impact your family’s health?
Many pots and pans use a non-stick coating that
contains the controversial PTFE, which some studies
have shown release a toxic gas when overheated or as
they begin to degrade. Imagine all the effort you put
into your meals and you could be inadvertently feeding
your family foods laced with toxins.
Fortunately, you can enjoy the convenience of non-stick
cookware without dangerous chemicals. Nutricraft’s 316
Surgical Steel with Titanium cooking surface is non-
porous and offers numerous benefits:
Guaranteed healthy and safe for cooking
Extremely durable
Environmentally friendly
No PTFE/PFOA coating
High heat rating without metal leaching
Enjoy Cooking with Nutricraft
Food Cutter
5-Quart Oil Core
Electric Cooker
11” Oil Core
Electric Skillet
Nutricraft ... Nutrition in Every Meal.
Limited Warranty
Nutricraft Cookware has been manufactured to the
highest standards. Each stainless steel part is unconditionally
warranted against defective material and workmanship for
50 years and is transferable once. To transfer the warranty
simply send a copy of the original purchase documents
and the new owner’s name and address to Nutricraft at the
address below.
If a stainless steel part rusts, warps, chips, cracks, bends,
melts or breaks, this is considered defective. Simply return
the piece, postage prepaid and we will repair or replace
the item with an equivalent pan at no charge.
This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse
or alterations to the product. If a phenolic part (handle or
knob) breaks or no longer functions within the warranty
period, Nutricraft will make a replacement without inquiry
as to cause provided the purchaser pay a nominal fee for
such phenolic parts.
This warranty gives you specific rights; and you may also
have other rights which may vary from state to state.
If service becomes necessary, send the product along
with purchase documents and a description of the claimed
defect to your local authorised distributor or to: